About Me

Hi There!!

I'm a mom to all boys (yep I know I'm lucky lol!) I'm your typical daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, niece, cousin, wife, friend, partner, massage therapist but really I'm Melissa!! I might have a  crazy love of unicorns because at 42 years old there is nothing better to love in this crazy world and when your 5 year son loves them just as much it makes it even better!! 


I'm the girl who wakes up each morning ready to take on the day.. I'm a morning person (I know some are like ewwww freak lol) but each day is a new start to get this thing called life right! I'm the girl who at 42 still doesn't understand makeup or like hairspray so your probably going to catch me in my pony tail or bun looking like a hot mess! I'm the girl who is sometimes a little too loud and her Jersey side comes out because I kinda speak my mind , maybe more then some would like! I'm a Florida girl who loves the sun and fresh air! I'm the girl who would rather be in running shoes and the dirt and trees then in heels and the mall (omg shoppingggggggggggggggggg ewwwww!!!) I'm the girl who loves being around her friends and family but also craves her alone time and needs it to recharge! I'm the girl who craves burgers and thinks she is Betty Crocker but also needs her salads every now and then!!

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